You are hereCurse pe doua noi rute de la Constanta cu Ryanair !

Curse pe doua noi rute de la Constanta cu Ryanair !

By airline - Posted on 22 October 2008

Compania de transport aerian Ryanair va opera de anul viitor curse pe doua noi rute, din Constanta spre Bologna (Italia) si spre unul din orasele spaniole, a declarat, pentru NewsIn, presedintele Asociatiei pentru Promovarea si Dezvoltarea Turismului - Litoral, Corina Martin.

Ryanair este o companie aeriana irlandeza si este lider in transport aerian low-cost din Europa.


in care va zbura poate fi Alicante, sau Madrid chiar.

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fares airline, today (23rd Oct) announced seven new international and four new domestic routes for Bologna from March 2009. These new routes, which go on sale today, will slash the cost of flying to/from Bologna as passengers avoid Alitalia’s high fares and fuel surcharges and secure Ryanair’s guaranteed lowest airfares and no fuel surcharge.

Ryanair’s 11 new routes will bring an additional 800,000 passengers to Bologna each year, with Ryanair on target to carry over 2m Ryanair passengers through Bologna to/from 25 destinations by 2012. This growth will sustain 2,000 local jobs and save passengers over €200m annually, compared to the high fares and fuel surcharges presently levied by Alitalia.

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